Venice International Performance Art Week

Performance art is an artistic discipline which is primarily real, it doesn't represent or portray: it is addressed to awaken the mind and investigate more profoundly cutting edge ideas in different fields of human activities, particularly analyzing how and why people and their surroundings evolve or devolve. Because ephemeral, it holds a great potential of contemporaneity and immediacy. It is an art form characterized by artist's' own body and attitude as support. It steps beyond boarders to purpose an experience of immediate impact. It requires to be responsive 'here and now' and to position oneself. Hence, not only the artist, but also the visitor needs to be prepared for making something happen, to engage emotionally and intellectually into the core of what is Performance art today. The Venice International Performance Art Week aimed to catch up moments, moods and circumstances, reacting to it, opening up a ground of mutual exchange between artists and audience, with the possibility of a direct, personal discourse about art and its possible impact on modern society. It is a project based on a mutual engagement and commitment to the purpose, between the invited artists, and the curators. For it, to present a selection of Live art actions with a precise curatorial line is also to avoid the danger of ending in another hypertrophied platform of our global present, nor in a mere stage to speculate on our current human condition. Here the concern is also aesthetics, which goes beyond ethic itself. The cultural goal of the Venice International Performance Art Week is to analyse through Performance art the ideas of life, space, time and existence as a pure matter of forms and substances in continuous transformation, with a concentrate, subversive look that goes beyond the surface of things. Here the artistic value has to be matched with human qualities, in order to produce challenging expressions to explore concepts such as interconnectivity, experiential knowledge, empathy, lasting and endurance, persistency, necessity and trial, resistance and awareness, struggle and love. To be fully aware about human emotions, political habits, social lives, and how the Self relates to them, offers a range of possibilities to scan meanings about how to live this life with more care, and to create mechanisms for positive change. Finally, the Venice International Performance Art Week wishes also to enrich the highly renowned art scenery of the city of Venice with the audacious art form of Performance art.

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from Dec 8, 12 to Dec 15, 12
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